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Speech # 講次Title 題目Date 日期Club 分會Language 語言Project 單元
Speech # 講次Title 題目Date 日期Club 分會Language 語言Project 單元
A01 Storytelling Quackling December 14, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 The Folktale 
A02 Storytelling First Day of School in a Foreign Country  January 25, 2016 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Let's Get Personal 
A03 Storytelling Winning a Battle, Losing the War April 11, 2016 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 The Moral of the Story 
A04 Storytelling  An Unexpected Adieu May 9, 2016 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 The Touching Story 
A05 Storytelling Challenging the Status Quo June 13, 2016 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Bringing History to Life 
A06 Humorously Speaking Walk Our Own Road January 7, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Warm Up Your Audience 
A07 Humorously Speaking Facing Reality – Lifting Your Head Out of the Sand March 3, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Leave Them With a Smile 
A08 Humorously Speaking Babysitting Foreign Colleagues in Shanghai April 21, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Make Them Laugh 
A09 Humorously Speaking The Big Boy in the Science Classroom June 2, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Keep Them Laughing 
A10 Humorously Speaking My First Job June 16, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 The Humorous Speech 
A11 Specialty Speeches "T.B.D. - To Be Determined" August 18, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Speak Off the Cuff 
A12 Specialty Speeches Inaugural Address by the New President July 28, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Uplift the Spirit 
A13 Specialty Speeches Long Term Care Insurance November 17, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Sell a Product 
A14 Specialty Speeches  December 1, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Read Out Loud 
A16 Technical Presentations Consolidation of Housing and Land Tax (房地合一稅) November 3, 2016 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 The Technical Briefing 
A21 Persuasive Speaking The Mobile Phone Salesman December 26, 2015 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 The Effective Salesperson 
A22 Persuasive Speaking Selling a Mobile Phone Service Plan January 23, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Conquering the "Cold Call" 
A23 Persuasive Speaking Proposal for the Establishment of a Business Reading Club April 9, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 The Winning Proposal 
A24 Persuasive Speaking Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized May 14, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Addressing the Opposition 
A25 Persuasive Speaking Live a Life of Thankfulness May 28, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 The Persuasive Leader 
A26 Speaking to Inform Foundations for Wealth Management September 10, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 The Speech to Inform 
A27 Speaking to Inform Types of Insurance Products September 24, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Resources for Informing 
A31 Public Relations Power of Speech March 10, 2016 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) English 英語 The Goodwill Speech 
A32 Public Relations Toastmasters D67 May 12, 2016 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) The Radio Talk Show 
A36: Technical Presentations 購買人壽保險的隱憂 November 28, 2016 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) The Technical Briefing 
C01 Shawn and His Passion for Computing January 26, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 The Ice Breaker 初試啼聲  
C02 訴苦 (English Title: Bemoaning) February 9, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) Organize Your Speech 條理分明 
C03 Framing: How we organize, perceive, and communicate about reality. June 8, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Get to the Point 提綱挈領 
C04 Taking Charge - The Awakening July 16, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 How to Say It 遺辭用字 
C05 My Love for Computing July 23, 2015 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) English 英語 Your Body Speaks 肢體語言 
C06 The Art of Helping Others August 6, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Vocal Variety 抑揚頓挫 
C07 The Cloud You Cannot See August 10, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Research You Topic 專題演說 
C08 無所不在的雲端 (English Title: The Cloud is Around Us) August 13, 2015 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) Get Comfortable with Visual Aids 善用視覺輔助工具 
C09 Say NO to Smack Talk and Roll Up Our Sleeves August 20, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Persuade with Power 勸說誘導 
C10 Shaping Our Own World August 24, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Inspire Your Audience 激勵啟發 
C11 Shawn – Taking the Road Less Traveled. September 3, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 The Ice Breaker 初試啼聲 
C12 The Benefits of Postive Thinking September 17, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Organize Your Speech 條理分明 
C13 正面思考的力量 (English Title: The Power of Positive Thinking) October 8, 2015 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) Get to the Point 提綱挈領 
C14 Arriving Alone at a Foreign Country October 17, 2015 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 How to Say It 遺辭用字 
C15 First Day of Class in a New Country October 1, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Your Body Speaks 肢體語言 
C16 The Engineer and the APP Princess September 14, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Vocal Variety 抑揚頓挫 
C17 Air Quality in Central Taiwan November 19, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Research You Topic 專題演說 
C18 YTC Meeting Reform Proposals October 15, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids 善用視覺輔助工具 
C19 Improving Air Quality in Taichung November 26, 2015 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) English 英語 Persuade with Power 勸說誘導 
C20 Dare Your Fears December 17, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 Inspire Your Audience 激勵啟發 
W The Better Speaker Series Beginning Your Speech September 10, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Beginning Your Speech 
W The Better Speaker Series Concluding Your Speech September 10, 2016 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Concluding Your Speech 
W The Successful Club Series Toastmasters Education Program October 1, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) English 英語 The Toastmasters Education Program 
W The Successful Club Series 演講會懶人包 (English Translation: Crash Course on Toastmasters) November 12, 2015 Distinguished BILINGUAL (DBTC) Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (國語) The Toastmasters Education Program & Going Beyond Our Club 
X Area Speech Competition Arriving Alone at a Foreign Country October 11, 2015 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Area Speech Competition 區演講競賽 
X Division Speech Competition Arriving Alone at a Foreign Country October 31, 2015 Tan-Zih ENGLISH (TZTC) English 英語 Division Speech Competition 部演講競賽 
X In-club Speech Competition The Engineer and the APP Princess September 14, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 In-club Speech Competition 會內演講競賽 
X Test Speaker @ District 67 2015 Fall Conference First Day of School in a Foreign Country November 28, 2015 New Century BILINGUAL (NCBTC) English 英語 Test Speaker @ 2015 Fall Conference 中華民國國際演講會2015年秋季大會 測試演講員 
Z Special Topic Workshop Evaluative Language Workshop August 20, 2015 Young ENGLISH (YTC) Multilingual 多語言 The Logic & Reasoning Series 邏輯與思辯系列 
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