Shawn Lin is currently employed at Fubon Financial, advising clients on insurance and investment products to meet their financial goals.

    Trained as an engineer, he utilizes his engineering skills to assist his clients in building a solid risk management foundation to ensure financial wellbeing in the event of crisis. His legal training also helps him understand how financial instruments work, and in what ways can they help manage risk. He specifically discourages over-insuring certain risks in an attempt to profit from undesirable events while leaving other risks exposed.

    His previous experience includes: Software engineer, automation engineer, management information systems analyst, and translator.

    Shawn’s long term mission is to develop and utilize FinTech solutions to better serve customers and assist them in developing a sustainable long term financial strategy.



            他過去的經驗包括: 軟體工程師、自動化工程師、資訊管理師、筆譯師。